It is truly the inside that counts


Real beauty is within – a mantra that today's society seems to have increasingly forgotten. Soilmates helps remind everyone again that you need to look closer and, more importantly, deeper to find true value. To that end, Soilmates, known for its avocado oil made from 'ugly' avocados that would otherwise be thrown away, joins forces with a remarkable person: Jono Lancaster, a motivational speaker who has Treacher Collins syndrome. Together, they make people think differently about beauty. Be it people or avocados.


In its latest campaign, Soilmates teams up with Jono to turn the inside out. Beauty is not just outward display, but often resides just below the surface, waiting to be appreciated. This is exactly what Soilmates does with the so-called 'ugly' avocados: avocados are rejected on appearance, but if you look a little deeper, they are a perfect source for beautiful Soilmates products. Jono is the perfect ambassador of this ‘inside’ insight: he was born with Treacher Collins syndrome and therefore does not meet today's superficial beauty ideals.

'I'm super excited to be a part of this project, to work with Soilmates to make a powerful statement about how we see beauty in this world. Soilmates' philosophy is exactly what appealed to me. I’ve been fighting for this idea all my life: to embrace your society-labelled flaws and instead see them as your superpowers.' - sais Soilmates ambassador Jono Lancaster.

The campaign is not just about fancy words. Soilmates also puts its money where its mouth is. In the coming year, the brand will donate a total of €10,000 to the Love Me Love My Face Face foundation, a charity that creates awareness and provides support to individuals and families affected by Treacher Collins syndrome and other facial conditions.


The campaign comes from the creative mind of Happiness Amsterdam, known among others for its successful campaigns for Marktplaats. ​


Joey Boeters, Creative Partner Happiness Amsterdam: 'We were very aware of the balancing act we were in – that’s why we had frequent discussions with Jono. He also played an important role in the concept phase, with quite a bit of ping-pong back and forth, to find the right words. This is exactly why it has not only become a story for Soilmates, but also for Jono. It’s a society-wide story.'


'It was a balancing act right down to the shoot,' Boeters continues. 'Is this OK? Is the balance correct? But, striking work also has be a bit exciting. And in the end, you not just need an agency to make good work. Also (and maybe especially) the client has to be on board. Therefore, a big compliment to Soilmates, that gave us the trust, was willing to jump into the deep end together and saw the importance of a valuable collaboration with Jono and supporting his mission.'


Fighting food waste is at the heart of what Soilmates does. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and pollution. That's why the company reuses 'category two' avocados. Soilmates collects all these 'ugly' avocados here, in Europe, from the port in Rotterdam. There, they are considered waste. Soilmates then lovingly collects them, sends them to its factory and squeezes out the health, resulting in beautiful avocado oil.


Jono Lancaster was born with Treacher Collins syndrome, a condition that affects his face, and was found abandoned by his biological parents as a two-week-old baby. Finding self-love was a challenge and he hated his appearance and the world he lived in. Slowly, he managed to accept his so-called shortcomings and turn them into his greatest strength. Through trial and error, he adjusted his outlook and attitude to life. An inspiration and motivator, he is now working hard to spread his story and his message around the world: you are strong enough to become your own superhero. Follow Jono on Instagram and TikTok and be inspired by his story.


‘In a world obsessed with looks and appearance, I wanted to show people my face and how happy I was with it,’ Jono says.

With three friends, Jono founded the Love Me Love my Face Foundation. ‘We want to continue to educate people about Treacher Collins and other craniofacial conditions. We go to schools and talk to children about acceptance and not hiding who they are. It's not just about people with facial conditions; we carry that message to all young people because there is always pressure to fit into trends.’

Jono gives inspirational lectures and meets families with children with craniofacial disorders worldwide and organises meetings where children with facial disorders can meet and parents have the opportunity to share their experiences. The foundation also funds medical equipment such as hearing aids for people with Treacher Collins and other similar conditions living in countries where they do not have access to these appliances.

Follow Love Me Love my Face op instagram.com/love.myface

Visit soilmates.com/truebeauty to learn more about the campaign, Jono and his foundation.

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