Quick and Happiness play the Supporter card


Summer 2024 is full of sporting events: the European Football Championship, the Tour de France, the Olympic and Paralympic Games... That gives us Belgians plenty of opportunities to proudly wear our country's colours. And Quick had no intention of staying on the sidelines!

Together with Happiness, the Belgian fast-food chain launched The Supporter, a limited-edition burger that tantalises taste buds beyond belief. It has a bun with black-yellow-red grains, is delicious and perfect to satisfy fans' hunger before, during or after a match or competition! The 'tricoloured' campaign was conceived by Happiness & Quick, and it was launched on the first day of the European Football Championships, with the 'Supporter Collection' setting fans on fire.

The 'Supporter Collection' contains 21 digital cards, representing different profiles of Belgian supporters. These include the 'Drama Queen', the 'Decibel' and the 'Hyperactive'. The aim of game? To collect the complete collection. To do so, Quick lovers have to order a Supporter at Quick, to receive 4 digital cards in their MyQuick app. At the end of the campaign, 5 winners each receive a budget of €1,000, to use to support their favourite sport(s).

The Supporter campaign is being rolled out on all levels: in (D)OOH, TVC, online video, on social media, in restaurants and, of course, also on quick.be and in the MyQuick app.


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