Quick Legend


In early January, Quick launched its new content platform "The Legend of Quick", which tells true and not so true facts from the brand's history. Today, Quick presents the second episode of the series. It is produced by Happiness and its subject is the Giant, Quick’s iconic burger.

This video highlights the legend of a burger that has conquered the hearts of every Belgian, but it also tells the story behind its name, its secret sauce and its sale at auction for €27,755... After each little story, viewers must guess whether it is a true fact or ‘not so true’. And at the end, there is a voucher for a free Giant, to feed the hungry.

To emphasize the thin line between fact and fiction, Happiness has again used AI for this second episode. Karel Chanterie, Graphic & Motion designer at Happiness: "Since the previous episode, AI has already evolved enormously. The applications are improving by the minute. And since every brand is experimenting with AI, our challenge was to stand out in a unique Quick way. In this episode, we integrated many archive images from the 70s and 80s. They were delivered to us on a CD-ROM, with a file format that most of today's computers cannot even read or open. An interesting challenge that resulted in something truly unique."

The voices of Maurice and Jacques, the two narrators of this legend, are not artificial, however. They are the real voices of Thierry Janssens – for the French-language version – and Koen Van Impe in the Dutch version.

“It is a deliberate choice, meant to convey more emotion in the acting”, says Jilze Gerritsen, Quick Marketing Manager: "Quick's strength is of course its Belgitude. Therefore, it was crucial for the brand image that "The Legend of Quick" was told with nuance, humour and typical Belgian accents that bring the story to life. AI could not have generated that."

This new episode, like the previous one, can be viewed on a dedicated platform, as well as on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok) and in the MyQuick app.

The next episode is already in the works and promises to be just as enticing.

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