Promaz and Happiness take the bull by the horns


The word is out by now: the Promaz fund helps people who (have) face(d) soil contamination due to a heating oil leak. Promaz helps them with operational and/or financial support. That way, the fund reduces heavy soil remediation costs to a minimum. That's quite a relief for those involved.

A less well-known fact: 28 February 2025 is the deadline to request Promaz for support. Since that date is fast approaching, it is time for those affected to apply for support now.

That is exactly why Promaz and Happiness launched this: to activate people to submit their application ASAP. In other words: to take the bull by the horns.

For that purpose, an adorable white-brown and big-horned personification of procrastination was engaged. Introducing: cow Lena!

A little explanation: since in Dutch, the saying goes “de koe (cow) bij de horens vatten”, cow Lena is the female star for the Flemish campaign. In the campaign for the French-speaking part of the country, however, she is miraculously turned into a bull, since in French, “on prend le taureau (bull) par les cornes”.

Willem Voets, Managing Director Promaz: “With the deadline of 28 February 2025 approaching, it is time for everyone involved to get to work and apply for support. Hence the need for an eye-catching, tactical, threshold-reducing and activating campaign. Hence also “taking the bull by the horns”. We are aiming for many new applications.”

Cow Lena shines in various TV spots and advertisements, but also on social and digital media (OLVs, YouTube ads), on OOH, radio and in DM campaigns. There is also a printed toolkit with leaflets and posters, which various governments and agencies can use to inform and activate their target audiences.

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