Lina loves “Dagelijkse Kost”. And she loves Jeroen as well

Albert Heijn

Albert Heijn is a big fan of fresh, healthy and easy. And of Jeroen Meus, of course. That is why Albert Heijn introduced 6 new fresh packs, in collaboration with our favourite TV chef. This time, the king of ‘Dagelijkse Kost’ presented ‘Pasta with bacon bits’, ‘Meatballs in tomato sauce’, ‘Rigatoni with meatballs’, ‘Gentse Waterzooi’, ‘Stuffed peppers’ and ‘Chicken cubes in sweet and sour sauce’. As you can see: variation ruled, just like chef Jeroen.

Spicy detail: Jeroen Meus prepared his 6 new fresh packs in his own programme “Dagelijkse Kost”. What a lovely sight it was, to see our own fresh packs shine on TV!

In this Short of ‘De Wereld in het Kleijn’, we discover Lina loves cooking programmes. And Jeroen Meus. Either way, cooking programmes to her are wonderfully relaxing. Soothing. Calming. Provided you don't get distracted, of course... Because that's when stress can set in.

In total 6 different “Dagelijkse Kost” fresh packs were launched:

  • Pasta with bacon bits
  • Meatballs in tomato sauce
  • Rigatoni with meatballs
  • Gentse Waterzooi
  • Stuffed peppers
  • Chicken cubes in sweet and sour sauce
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