Heijntje predicted the results at the European Football Championship

Albert Heijn

In line with Albert Heijn’s large-scale campaign during the European Football Championship in 2024, the brand got together with Heijntje the Hamster, to predict the outcome of all matches of the Belgian football team.

The golden-haired hamster, well known from the “HAMSTEREEEEEEN” commercials, found his way through an Albert Heijn-tinted maze and chose the winner of each upcoming match by crawling into the right hole. Heijntje was assisted by Wesley Sonck, who provided the live commentary. The jolly duo appeared a few days before each match and you could follow them on Albert Heijn's social media (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok).

Predicting the outcome of football matches? Let’s say Heijntje is as good as Paul the Octopus, back in the day!

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