Some startling statistics, by DVV and Happiness


That is why DVV insurance continues to oppose the current trends, by focusing strongly on service and a personal approach. To confirm its "Simply good service" positioning, DVV called on Profacts, for a customer satisfaction survey.

While 57% of the Belgians questioned felt that service in the banking and insurance sector had deteriorated, the survey showed an opposite picture among DVV customers: 97.41% were satisfied or very satisfied. Compared to last year, the share of very satisfied customers even increased by 2%.

Based on these very telling figures, Happiness, DVV's creative agency, developed an impactful and daring poster campaign. The campaign urges the more than 4.5 million Belgians who believe that service is declining to give DVV a try, in order to change their perception.

Xavier Dumon, Marketing & Communications Director at DVV explains:

"For us, service and accessibility are not empty words, and we are happy that consumers have more freedom to choose the best insurer. Whether we are talking about getting insured or offer help in the event of a claim, we feel it is our duty to be genuinely present for our customers. That's why our advisers are available by phone 24/7. No chatbots, no endless menus on the phone or long email response times: we believe in direct and immediate human contact."

The campaign is currently running in OOHs across the country, as well as on concaves in more remote locations.

*Estimate based on an online survey of a representative sample of 1,042 Belgians aged 18 to 75.

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