Choice overload and 'Seksuolotte' at Albert Heijn

Albert Heijn

Albert Heijn apologises for its choice overload, with 60 different fresh meal kits on offer. And when you can profit from a 25% discount on ALL fresh meal kits, the choice becomes even harder. Fortunately, there’s no stress at all to prepare such a kit. You’ll have a delicious meal on your table in no time. On top of that, each kit contains exactly the right quantity of ingredients, so there is no waste. Early 2024, ‘De Wereld in het Kleijn’, Albert Heijn’s own comical sitcom, kicked off its second season with this short episode. We see Gino and Jamal swiping on a dating app during work hours and having fun, while Lina and Jamina observe them with rising indignation. Or... is there something else going on? On top of that, Lotte Vanwezemael, better known as ‘Seksuolotte’ and very famous in Flanders, makes her appearance in this Short of ’De Wereld in het Kleijn.

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