Brussels and Liege waffles face unexpected competition


What? A waffelburger?! Yes, of course. Because that's something only Quick can come up with. A tasty waffle bun with a bbq mayo sauce and lightly sweetened candied green apples, on a bed of mixed salad, not to mention the 100% Belgian beef with a slice of cheddar and two slices of crispy bacon. That makes you really hungry, doesn't it?

The iconic Belgian waffle cities Liège and Brussels got a sneak peek of the Belicatesse's arrival: we pasted posters in their streets and complemented that with a guerrilla social media campaign. Rest assure however: the Belicatesse had no intention of removing the most famous Belgian waffles from their throne!  

Afterwards, TV and OOH campaigns further announced this novelty. The Belicatesse could well become a piece of heritage, taking over Belgium via word of mouth.

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