Albert Heijn goes “dream team building” at the Efteling

Albert Heijn

The Albert Heijn savings campaign early 2024 was all about the Efteling: you could save for the highest discount on the admission fee to the beloved and well-known Dutch theme park. In “De Wereld in het Kleijn”, Albert Heijn's comedy sitcom, Lina came up with the idea to do a “dream team building day” at the Efteling. Everyone was very enthusiastic, of course, until it became clear that not everyone was so keen on the somewhat obligatory team-ride-with-group-photo in the famous "all laws of gravity-defying" Baron roller coaster...

Jan and Kim had their own (bold) way of letting Lina know they really did not fancy a ride in "The Baron". With pale jaws and wobbly knees, Jamal also brooded on a "Great Escape" scenario, while being offered a not very tasty, soaked egg sandwich by Brent... Oh dear, oh dear!

How that ended? Check out this "ground-breaking" first full episode of the 2024 season of www.dewereldinhetkleijn.be

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