Albert Heijn is a big fan of the European Football Championship

Albert Heijn

This episode of "De Wereld in het Kleijn" was all about the European Football Championship. Being (or pretending to be) a big fan too, Lina wanted to show-off her football knowledge to her football-savvy co-workers. Admittedly, that knowledge was still at the somewhat lowest of levels. So, she sought help, from the first person she came across in her store. Fortunately, this turned out to be Wesley Sonck, a well-known former player of the Belgian football team and now a respected football analyst. With a big heart for (and great patience with) AH managers in football distress. And with a list of FFs (Footballing Friends) to call upon in case of emergency...

So, especially for Lina, Wesley and his friends set up a theoretical AND practical football course. The goal? To kick the ball into... er, the goal, and in doing so passing 'The Best Keeper In ‘Blaue Hosen’ In The Western AND Eastern Hemisphere'. Yep, you guessed it, Jean-Marie Pfaff was in da house as well! And mutual friend Bob Peeters, another former international, came along too to supporter for Lina.

Next to this epic “WIK” episode, the campaign also featured a 'Watch and win' quiz, with a grand prize: the winner could host the ‘Albert Heijn Foodball truck’ at his/her home, during the EC match Belgium-Romania, with Jean-Marie Pfaff as commentator! Next to that, 20 EC drink packs could be won as a consolation prize.

In short: this EC football episode of www.dewereldinhetkleijn.be hit all goals. Don't miss it!

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