A deer's natural response to BRU®'s naturally sparkling water


BRU® is a unique and iconic Belgian table water. But what makes it so unique is something people don't always fully understand: the water springs naturally sparkling from its Belgian source. Nothing is added, it already sparkles at the source... The challenge: how to make this idea sink in with people for good, in a category where 'natural' already seems so 'worn out'? Well, by illustrating this feature in a surprising and instantly understandable way. With the life-size version of BRU®'s logo in its natural habitat: we see a thirsty deer, feasting on a sparkling Ardennes pond near BRU®'s source. Now, a deer drinking some water at a spring is nothing special in itself. The real ‘special’ is BRU®'s water, which is naturally sparkling from its Belgian source. So, the story gets an unexpected twist, that will surely help everyone to remember that BRU® does not add anything to its water to make it sparkle. Nothing at all. 

The online video will be shown on YouTube 4 times this year, for periods of 1 month.

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