Our vision

Against negativities. Against impossibilities. We are here to help brands to spread Happiness. Because brands that spread Happiness matter and do better.

Happiness is the ultimate rebellion.

Against negativities. Against impossibilities.

We want to help brands spread Happiness.

Because brands that spread Happiness matter and therefore do better.

Happiness is not just a funny nice name for us. It is a philosophy. A philosophy about the work we make, how we create it and how we work together with our clients. We are guided by three core beliefs:


Happiness is an economical multiplier

Neuro-imaging shows that brand liking generates similar brain area activity as self-reported happiness. That is because people imagine their future happiness after buying the brand and that influences and drives their purchase decision. Research reveals that happiness is the emotion that is most strongly associated with long-term brand share growth. Therefore, we work with our HAPP-emotions model that structurally searches for which of the four modes of happiness and 18 related happiness emotions are most effective for the briefing at hand.


Happiness makes people create great work

We do everything to make people happy. Because happy people make great work. And great work is what makes people happy. The best ideas come into existence in an environment where people feel safe, supported, and acknowledged. Where diversity flourishes. With our Happiness Survey and Program embedded in our organisation, we nourish that every day.

Happiness creates the strongest relationships

The mechanism also works when it comes to our clients. Not only do good client-agency relationships contribute to happiness, but also do happy people tend to have better quality working relationships. We prefer collaborative ways of working, want to be predictable & consistent and strive to be first time right. This leads to more effective work created in an efficient way in an enjoyable way.

Happiness is UPMC

In a world where change happens at a speed we can barely follow, agility is key. That’s why Happiness embodies the concept of UPMC or ‘Undefined Perpetually Mutating Creature’. A speedboat mentality with a group of people from different generations, genders, places, ethnicities. All pragmatic and creative thinkers and make-it-happeners.

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